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Interested in becoming a Coach?

DFW Tri Club has a unique blend of benefits and features that make us a coach-friendly environment:
  • PROFIT SHARE – meet certain criteria and you can take home a year-end bonus, with a bonus pool at 50%! (It’s one of our ways of recognizing how important you are to the club’s success.)
  • Separation of duties – the owner will not be competing for your clients.
  • No exclusivity or non-compete clauses – if you already coach with another group or you are bringing in your own clients, you can still coach with us! If one day you leave our family for whatever reason, no hard feelings!
  • Low client commission rates – only 15% for monthly schedule writing and testing, 30% for group training and 0% for one-on-one sessions or non-club referred clients.
  • We pay you for each approved club workout you coach that is on our calendar!
  • Corporate Wellness opportunities are coming! We have a dedicated Business Development person actively working to bring in new clients.
  • We have a vast array of resources to help you.
  • Coaches may receive a coaching education stipend if you meet certain criteria.
  • Coaches can use Best Bike Split for their club clients.

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